The idea of 1 Vision 2 Learn was molded together by a photographer/filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada, an educator at Mulgrave School in Vancouver, Canada, and a community leader in Seaview Gardens, Jamaica. 

Mitsy is a leading matriarch in her community.  As a mother and parental figure, she has been helping connect her community globally.

 In 2015 the three met in Kingston, Jamaica, all being a part of a community initiative to create an after school learning centre for young students. From that point on, there was a relationship that formed that created space to connect students at Mulgrave to Mitsy's community of students at the Seaview Gardens Early Childhood Center. International relationships were formed.

Partnership and collaboration would initially help to support the process of delivering and receiving donations internationally.
 ‘1 Vision 2 Learn’ has the potential to become a multi-stage educational program that can grow with promise. 

We would like to express our gratitude, in advance, for this opportunity to connect.
We are passionate and dedicated to creating possibilities for long term building of community and connection. 

On behalf the 1V2L team we thank you and we look forward to continuing this conversation.
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